2012 First Tytus Class——Posterior Cervical Physiological Reconstruction

2012 First Tytus Class——Posterior Cervical Physiological Reconstruction

Sanyou first Tytus Class was held in Shanghai headquarters on August 4th ,2012. 20 orthopedics surgeons from around the country gathered in one Hall and made a discussion on the hot topic entitled posterior cervical physiological reconstruction.
At 8:30 in the morning, physicians visited headquarters of Shanghai Sanyou which is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial East under the leader of Mr. Nong Xu ,General Manager of Sanyou and David Fan , VP of marketing.Mr.Xu delivered a wonderful speech on the origins, purpose and mission of Sanyou.


Wei Lei ,MD. of Xijing Hospital was invited to be a lecturer in the forum. Dr. Lei made presentations and training about the upper cervical spine instability with posterior fixed-scope options, cervical vertebral enlarging PLASTY technique and practice and innovation for major hospital orthopedic surgeons from 10 o'clock in the morning. And he list a lot of cases to discuss with physicians and FAQ for the less experienced orthopedics surgeons.At the same time ,surgeons brought out their cases and problems,Dr. Lei analyzed and un explained one by one. The atmosphere was lively and the response was enthusiastic.
In the fake bone session in the afternoon, Dr. Lei demonstrated techniques of Rita products of Sanyou for physicians.
Physicians practiced under the guide of Dr. Lei until made Rita accurately into the bone. Member came with questions and returned with harvest.

During the forum, Dr. Mingyan Liu, chairman of our company introduced our R&D center to the physicians and explained the formation process of our products in greater detail. He said that real development came from orthopedic surgeons and engineers working closely together!

Dr. Chunhui Wu,director of R&D department introduced clinical application of spinal Biomechanics  from a biomechanical point of view to physicians. He cited a lot of documentary evidence to prove that the biomechanical experiment had matured, fully according to the needs of clinical experiments!

Tytus Class is designed to build a platform for orthopedics surgeons in China for communication, exchange and interaction. In order to obtain more comprehensive intelligence of the doctors. This Tytus Class was the first Tytus Class.It rounded off successfully achieved the desired results with the help of Dr. Lei and every physician. We would always adhere to this form of communication with physicians, and continuous innovation, deepening continues!